Poor baby

Poor baby
Lucy's first breathing treatment

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Somebody always has it worse

As we were commiserating about how Steph's day went (see previous posts) we were immediately reminded that our problems are small in comparison and there is always someone who has it worse. We got word that Steph's uncle in Missouri was in the hospital having trouble speaking and losing strength on one side of his body. Turns out he had slipped on ice and hit his head last week - he did see the doctor and it was diagnosed as a concussion. Then Sunday and Monday more serious neurological problems began to present themselves and Monday he ended up in the ER then admitted for tests and observation - possibilities seem grim. So as uncle and aunt are at the hospital trying to get answers, my wife's 3 cousins are home alone bracing for what is being billed as the worst storm of the century - state of emergency pre-emptively declared, schools pre-emptively closed for the whole week, everyone stay inside. etc. Yeah, things are going good for us.

Day in the life of ... (continued)

The previous post was only up to the 1:00 status report that I received and there was more to update as the day progressed that I would be wrong to leave out so you get the whole big glorious picture. First and foremost I'm pleased to announce that the Dentist was able to escape serious injuries despite both kids having cavities that will need attention (and money). Then Matthew threw up in the car on the way home from the dentist and then threw up later that night after going to bed. Other than that, everything is fine.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Day in the life of...

Guess who's Monday went like this:
Wakes up with worsening eye pain, son wakes up with same type of eye pain, helps catch a cow that got out, helps rescue a horse with its leg stuck in a feeder, makes a special trip to the eye doctor for self and son, special meds are prescribed from eye doctor, finds out that meds are not covered because eye doctor is not a Kaiser doctor, battles with Kaiser, finally just gets meds out-of-pocket, rushes home to get other kids from school for dentist appt that cannot be canceled or missed because they will still charge the visit fee, pre-emptively threatens to strangle the dentist if he finds any dental problems, makes it abundantly clear to her spouse that he will be in charge of dinner and everything else for that matter when he gets home.
Any guesses?